Special Details


Special details are engineering drawings that are frequently draft versions of Standard Plans in the approval process. Once Department Administrators and the FHWA approve a special detail, it becomes a Standard Plan. The Design Standards Unit also produces special details of experimental items that may or may not become Standard Plans and of items that have a special limited use. Most special details that have a special limited use are eventually dropped when all the conditions they were specifically designed for have been met. Current applicable special details are listed on the note sheet of a set of construction plans and are also physically attached to those plans.


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Viewing Information

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon The Standard Plans are available in portable document format (pdf). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to read or print the Standard Plans. This software is free and may be downloaded from the Adobe Website.

The special details in 11" x 17" pdf format are intended for inclusion in a set of construction plans. Consultants doing business with MDOT may contact their Project Manager to obtain special details.

Special Detail Information

For information regarding the technical content of the special details contact:

Road Special Details: E-mail: [email protected]

Bridge Special Details: E-mail: [email protected]