Rideshare Fun Facts Quiz
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1) What percentage of income does the average consumer spend on transportation?

2) What is the average daily cost of driving an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)?

3) On average, a vanpool operating in Michigan takes how many cars off the road?

4) The average car produces a pound of pollution every ______miles.

5) Nationally, how much fuel does bicycling save annually?

6) On average, how much does the average vanpooler save each year by using this commuting option?

7) Americans spend ____ times more time in their cars as they do on vacation?

8) Which modes of transportation can commuters receive a tax benefit for?

9) Which of the following is the biggest air polluter?

10) Which of the following items are used to calculate your commuting costs?

11) True/False- Public Transit (Vanpooling) to work can save you money on your personal auto insurance premiums.

12) True/False- If I utilize the vanpooling program to commute to work and I have an emergency come up I will need to find my own way home.