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MDOT Aggregate Source Inventory Database

Database provided for informational purposes only. Questions, concerns or change requests can be submitted to the MDOT Aggregate Quality Unit at

Aggregate Source Inventory - A numerical listing of all recorded sources in the Aggregate Source Inventory (ASI) with locations and directions, does not include any test result data.

The Aggregate Quality Unit assigns all aggregate sources that may provide aggregate to state or federally funded projects an Aggregate Source Inventory number for tracking of test results and also acceptance. Each number is unique to the source's physical location and aggregate type. It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that the material they handle both has an Aggregate Source Inventory number and that the number follows the material through the supply chain via delivery tickets. A supplier may apply for assignment of an ASI to a material source by contacting or reaching out to the controlling region materials office.

MDOT Aggregate Source Testing Results

Los Angeles Abrasion (AASHTO T96/MTM102) results reported by MDOT do not typically differentiate between grade designations A, B, C, D, E or F.

Results are reported on individual ASI pages, if a location also has a bituminous mix design nomograph it will be on a separate page with an "a" after the ASI in the name.

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