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Aesthetic Project Opportunities Inventory

Welcome to Michigan Dept. of Transportation's Aesthetic Project Opportunities Inventory. This site lists approximately 2,000 opportunities MDOT has identified for improving the visual quality of the environment along Michigan's trunklines.

The Inventory is a useful tool for communities, agencies, and others interested in improving the visual quality of the environment. These organizations are encouraged to explore funding options through the Transportation Enhancement Program and other funding programs listed on this web site. The Inventory is also a tool for MDOT staff involved in the transportation planning process.

Some aesthetic improvements could be undertaken in conjunction with already scheduled road repair or improvement projects. Other potential improvements, such as streetscapes or scenic easements, could be undertaken independently.

Although this site provides links to several programs that offer funding for aesthetic improvements, MDOT does not guarantee financial support for implementing aesthetic project opportunities. Additionally, MDOT does not guarantee that an aesthetic project identified within a project area will be implemented during any particular transportation project.

The Inventory identifies potential aesthetic improvements along 9,725 miles of U.S., Interstate, and Michigan roads in the state's trunkline system. To conduct the inventory, MDOT secured a contract with three consulting firms whose staff included state registered landscape architects (Smith Group JJR, Washtenaw Engineering Company, and Woolpert Design LLP). The consultants drew upon their expertise in visual assessment, land use analysis, and utilization of current landscape practices to develop a systematic method to locate, describe, and propose strategies for implementing aesthetic improvements.